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FilesCount counts all files in a directory with the number of files for each extension found in the subdirectories.
It then displays or generates a csv report with the following report line format :


FilesCount.exe DirPath [ CountReportsPath [ STAMP ] ]

FilesCount.exe c:\repository\allfiles
FilesCount.exe c:\repository\allfiles c:\repositroy\reports
FilesCount.exe c:\repository\allfiles c:\repository\reports STAMP

FilesCount counts recursively each file's type in the DirPath folder. It ouputs the result to screen.
If CountReportsPath is present, it generates a .csv report in CountReportsPath directory.
If STAMP option is present, it sets a timestamp in the report file name.
The report contains also the total number of files in each sub-directory of DirPath. Files directly in the root of DirPath are not counted.

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